The Big Shed Digital Studio Digital Hand Holding For The Digitally Reluctant
Digital Hand Holding For The Digitally Reluctant

What I Offer

A mix of watch alone video and virtual one-to-one tutorials (helping you to complete the tasks you want to do yourself).

A full ‘taking over the reins’ (for when you’d rather leave the techie stuff to someone else), including web design and preparing books for print and online publishing.

I call it “digital hand-holding”.


Help with all those teeny digital tasks that you need to do but wish you didn’t, all explained in one-to-one screen sharing sessions and/or easy to follow bite-size How-To-Videos with minimal techie stuff.

Tasks like these examples, where I scanned a couple of quick sketchbook doodles into Affinity Photo, and used various tools like cloning and erasing to turn them into a greetings cards.


Short, one step at a time, How-To-Videos to guide you through each process, with the emphasis on keeping it clear and simple, and on giving you just the information you need to get the job done.

Drag the vertical slider over each example to the right then the left to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’

Don’t forget, designing and building websites (like this one) is one of my fortes. So if you’d like some help with yours, or if you’d rather hand the whole job over, let’s talk!