The Big Shed Studio Digital Handholding For The Digitally Reluctant
Digital Handholding For The Digitally Reluctant

Course Overview

In this course we’ll look at several ways that you might need to prepare your hand drawn or painted artwork for digital printing.

We’ll cover such topics as scanning, removing blemishes, moving, adding or hiding parts of your image, recolouring and generally tidying your image.

Digital tasks will be carried out using a suite of apps from Serif: Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer. These are professional quality apps, near or even equal to the Adobe creative apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, but at a fraction of the price (a one-off payment for each of around £50 or $65 at the time of writing).

Although the Affinity apps are capable of some very involved and complex tasks, everything we’ll be covering in this course will be at a very basic level, served up in short – five minute or less – how-to videos with accompanying pdf’s that can be downloaded and kept.

Below are a couple of examples of original drawn images that have been scanned into Affinity Photo and/or Publisher, to be turned into beautiful finished printed greetings cards.