Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions I’m being asked. I’ll add more as they crop up. If you have a question, please do use the contact form to get in touch.

A: Probably just the opposite!

Of course everyone is more than welcome, but I’m anticipating that most requests for help will come from folk who aren’t particularly interested in technology, they just know it can be useful (or is unavoidable) in many instances today.

A: Not at all!

I can help anyone who’s struggling with using technology.

Personally I’m currently using a lot of the creative apps daily, but in running my own business I also use the more familiar office apps, and of course I use social media, shop online, watch videos, etc., so can always help with those.

Although to start with the bite-size how-to’s are focussing on some digital tasks that creative folk may need from time to time, many will also be of interest to anyone who wants to publicise or share their work online, whatever that work is. In due course the plan is to also cover all manner of digital tasks, not necessarily even related to creative or business use.

A: Yes certainly.

Although I’m based in the UK, I can offer pre-booked one-to-one live-link tutorials or consultations to suit time zones around the world.

Just fill in an enquiry form well in advance so I can be sure I have your preferred time slot available.

A: The one-to-one tuition is a very different thing to an online course. It uses a live video link, with the benefit of screen sharing, it gives you the opportunity to not only focus on learning how to complete specific tasks you’re needing to work on, but you can do so using your own work, and also ask questions and go over things as many times as you need.

The short and simple how-to’s give you only the information you need to complete a particular task, or each stage of a bigger task. No going into extraneous detail. No deep-diving into, or getting distracted by all the other things you can do.

There are lots of excellent courses out there that go through how to use a particular app, or a service, from A to Zee. It’s not my aim – certainly at this early stage – to compete with them. The idea here is to teach you and guide you to complete specific small digital tasks, without overwhelming you with detail.

A: With pleasure!

If you need a simple, clear, attractive website to publicise what you do, whether you’re an artist or not, please do get in touch.

You can reach me via the enquiry form (there’s a link above).

A: Yes.

At the moment I’m only just making a start on building up the collection of bite size how-to’s. They’ll be added to the site one by one and will always be free to access, both here and on The Big Shed Digital Studio’s YouTube channel

Of course getting everything up and running here costs money! So if you’d like to chip in and help with some of the costs, please do use the Donate button further down the page. You will have my undying thanks!

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