bite-size digital tasks how-to's

Bite-Size How-To’s

When you have a small digital task to complete, a quick pictorial walk through may be all the help you need. In that case, why not dive into The Big Shed Digital Studio’s slowly evolving collection of free bite-size how-to’s.

Bite-Size How-To’s

When the digital task you need to do is very small, and your priority is to get it done as quickly and simply as possible, you may want nothing more than a little visual help to complete it. Just a, “Do this, do this, do this… et voila!”. That’s where a little bite-size how-to is a godsend.

You often don’t need or want a deep dive into the why’s and wherefore’s. A long detailed teaching of how to use a particular app or computer service isn’t always appropriate. You may not have the time to learn complex and detailed ways of achieving a perfect solution. Sometimes you just need to get something done, and want the quickest and simplest way to achieve it.

A Few Small Tasks You May Need Help With:

  • adjusting your Facebook security settings so no-one else can contact your Friends
  • removing the background from a piece of artwork to place or print it somewhere
  • setting up a YouTube channel to give friends and family easy access to your videos
  • finding and using print templates from online printers
  • and many more

These short and simple how-to’s give you only the information you need to complete a particular task, or each stage of a bigger task, in the simplest way possible. No going into extraneous detail. No deep-diving into, or getting distracted by complex tools or all the other things you can do or ways you can do something.

The plan is for the videos to also appear on a dedicated The Big Shed Digital Studio channel on YouTube in due course.

The bite-size how-to’s are created in response to your needs, so remember to let me know if you need to tackle something not yet covered. Use the contact form here.

Oh, and they’re free too. What’s not to love!

FOOTNOTE: If you’re wondering where the bite-size how-to’s ARE, they are in the main menu but clicking this link will also take you to the main page. Do keep in mind at the moment though that they are still in preparation.

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