bite-size digital tasks how-to's


Sometimes a quick visual walk-through may be all you need. The idea behind these bite-size how-to’s is to show you the simplest quickest way to complete a range of small basic digital tasks.

One thing to note: occasionally these little bite-size how-to’s may use a different method or process to that suggested by other, perhaps more detailed sources. This is not to claim one is “right” and the other “wrong”. Here the focus is on “quick and simple”, and avoiding introducing more tools or methods than are absolutely essential.

Affinity Tips & Tricks
– A Hidden Shape Tool – 1 min video

Preparing Artwork for Print
– Removing the Background – 8 min video

– Adding Pages to Menus – 3 page pdf

Preparing Artwork for Print
– Moo Templates 1 – 4 min video

This collection is in its infancy and will grow in response to requests from viewers. So if you have small digital tasks that you need to do quickly and simply, and you think a bite-size how-to could help, get in touch.

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