To learn a bit about me, my love of making digital tasks simple, and how The Big Shed Digital Studio came about, read on…

A Bit About Me

Judy and The Big Shed

In my heart I’ve been an artist and a writer my whole life.

Professionally I’ve been a self-employed IT trainer for 30 years and have worked over time with a wide range of clients. Early on clients were often young IT savvy users in huge international corporates. More recently I’ve worked with individuals in their senior years who are new to computers and reluctant to embrace this new fangled technology.

In all cases I love teaching digital tasks in a way that makes them seem simple; I love problem solving and I love helping others to achieve their goals.

I think technology is amazingly clever and at times extremely useful. However, I recognise it’s often also deeply frustrating! For this reason I believe teaching about it is best kept as simple as possible.

Many teachers of digital skills nowadays were born into a world of technology. By contrast I’m old enough to remember when shops were closed on a Sunday, and The Beano cost 3d (that’s “thruppence” in “old money”)! But I regard that as a strength. I remember when it was all new to me, and I don’t take it all too seriously.

While I admit to being often fascinated and even quite excited by new ‘techie toys’, I’m equally happy pottering in my garden, or with a pen or a paintbrush in my hand, or simply curled up with a book; and my cat, of course.

In short, I firmly believe there is a lot more to life than looking at a screen, so if I can help my clients spend less of their time having to do that, I’m happy.

How The Idea Was Born

When the pandemic came along and all in-person training stopped, I began thinking about combining my creative and professional work. I wondered if I could move it all online too so clients did not need to be local.

I was already learning to use various creative apps, and I found that many of my artist and writer friends were seeking my help with turning their own creative projects into printable, saleable items. They were full of praise for the help I gave them. Now they’re urging me to get this new enterprise up and running and make my skills available to a wider audience.

There have been a few hiccups, but it’s just about ready.

What to call it? Well, as my art studio is a big garden shed the obvious choice had to be…

… The Big Shed Digital Studio

Making tech simple
Teaching you how
Working with you
Working for you