The Big Shed Studio Digital Handholding For The Digitally Reluctant
Digital Handholding For The Digitally Reluctant


If you’re wondering how The Big Shed Digital Studio came about, what the plans are as it gets started, and what the hopes are for the future, read on…


Why don’t we let Judy, The Big Shed Digital Studio’s founder, tell you in her own words.

Back in 2015 – after over 20 years as a professional IT trainer – I decided to step out of the rat race and give myself time to follow my dream of learning to draw and paint.

During the last seven years, while I was developing my traditional artistic skills, I’ve been grateful for the ease with which I approach and can simplify digital tasks, having needed to tackle things like:

~ how to present my analogue art for digital printing,
~ quite a bit about sharing and publicising my work online,
~ how to start using things like ecommerce on a tight budget, and
~ some of the simplest ways to use many of the creative digital tools available.

Unsurprisingly given my professional history, I find it hard not to offer help when creative friends are struggling with necessary digital tasks, and recently they’ve been urging me to consider sharing my skills with a wider audience.

The pandemic put a sudden stop to my previous part-time work. Retirement is still a little way off. The rising cost of living and health issues have somewhat grounded me. And I do love teaching tasks in a way that makes them seem simple, and helps others to achieve their goals.

It was a no brainer really. What could I say but, ‘Ok! I’ll give it a go!’.

And as my art studio is a big garden shed, the only possible name to call it was…

… The Big Shed Digital Studio


I’m a very visual learner, so graphics have always played a big part in my own learning. For me, the development of video as a popular teaching tool has been perfect. I have lifelong ADHD. Focussing for more than a few minutes is hard for me, so instructions need to ideally be not only very graphical, but also clear, engaging, and most importantly, brief!

My plan with The Big Shed Digital Studio is to break tasks down and create short, engaging, clear, ‘bite size’ videos – ideally keeping each one to under five minutes – to go through a task slowly one step at a time, with only the amount of detail needed to get the task done.

I’m not expecting my audience to be particularly, if at all, tech-savvy. More to the point, I’m not expecting this approach to appeal to those who love to delve into things in depth and learn all there is to learn. I greatly empathise with that mindset, but there are heaps of courses out there that teach different apps from A to Zee. I’m not planning to compete with the masters.

If you need to get a task done, and your only interest is in its completion, then I hope that what you find on offer here will be the answer to your dreams!

The aim will be to: Keep It Short. Keep It Clear. Keep It Simple. And that’s all.

Although if you end up finding it fun too, then my job really will be complete.

One more thing before you go: your suggestions for topics can help to make this work. Please use the contact form to ask about any digital tasks that you’d like help with, and if I can, I’ll put together one, or even a series of, How-To-Videos just for you (and everyone else of course who struggles with the same task but didn’t like to ask).

Starting small… and staying that way

Judy and The Big Shed