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Website Design

You want a website to suit your needs and budget, but you don’t have the time or inclination to build your own. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in letting me design and build it for you?

Building The Best Website For You

No matter what you want to publicise – your own creative endeavours, a commercial business or a non-profit enterprise – your website is your ‘shop window’. For this reason it needs to look good, be easy to navigate, and be found by search engines like Google. Therefore you need to aim to have the best website you can afford.

A Website To Suit Your Needs

The look and complexity of your website will vary depending on your needs. This means there’s a lot to think about. Do you only need somewhere to list what you offer and give your contact details? Is a single page that lists everything sufficient, or do you want individual pages for each product or service? Are you showcasing your work, for example in a gallery format? Are you selling it online too? Do you want to include a blog, that you can update regularly yourself?

These are all things you need to consider from the outset.

What’s Involved

The Process:

Design consultation.

One-off price laid down within mutually agreed parameters.

Ongoing consultation via live video link.

Basic training on updating content.

Hand-over of finished site.

Other Costs:


Domain name

A Website To Suit Your Budget

The cost of having a website designed and built for you will depend on the complexity and time involved. It will also depend on how much input you can take care of yourself, both in the way of content and in the design. For example do you already have a defined ‘corporate’ style and/or colours? Do you have your own graphics and photographs? Do you know exactly what you want the written content to say?

On top of the one-off costs of my work, you will need to pay separately for hosting and a domain name. Keep in mind too that the latter are both annual costs.

When you’ve thought through what you need, get in touch and let’s see how I can help.

A Word About ‘Free’ DIY Websites

If you’re wondering why pay for a website, when so many domain name and hosting providers now offer them for free, take a look at my recent blog post.

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